There was commotion at Hyson Primary School in Goromonzi after a man went to the school and told an 8 year old girl that he was her real father.

The 8 year old girl went and told the mother.

The man, who is based in Botswana, said he had a brief affair of one year with the woman before she was married and lost contact with her.

The husband of the woman said the child has one sibling, while his other child has passed away. She has a birth certificate with his name.

The matter was taken to the local headman ‘s court where the matter was referred to DNA tests. The DNA tests were carried out by Closure DNA.

The mother admitted that she dated the man in 2011 when she briefly broke up with her current husband.

She said after her ex boyfriend made the allegation to her daughter, she went to him and physically fought with him.

The Botswana based ex boyfriend said he has 2 other children and said his current wife is willing to accept the child if the DNA test reveals that he is the father.

Speaking on the show, a friend and neighbor said, when she was still single, the woman was dating both men at the same time.

He said he is convinced that the child belonged to the ex boyfriend because of the similarities between them. He also revealed that when the woman got pregnant, she first went and told the Botswana based ex boyfriend that he was the father.

When questioned together the woman said she dated the Botswana based ex boyfriend for only two weeks. However, the Botswana based ex boyfriend said he dated her for one year. The husband said he believes his wife dated her ex boyfriend for 2 weeks only.

The woman said she never slept with the Botswana based ex boyfriend. However, the ex boyfriend said he slept with her at least seven times.

DNA results

The DNA results showed that the woman was lying and the Botswana based ex boyfriend was the child’s father.

The two fathers accepted the results and the Botswana based man will take the 8 year old girl.

The elders agreed that the matter was not handled properly. The Botswana based ex boyfriend should not have approached the child to reveal that he was the father, instead he should have gone through the aunties.

The current husband said he will keep his wife and have more children.

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