A 42 year old Zimunya man, Elijah Ngwarati, killed himself this week after he was dumped by his married lover.

The woman he was dating, is a 51 year old woman, whose husband is a businessman in Chief Zimunya ‘s area.

Narrating the story, Chief Zimunya said the community is baffled at the suicide, which is inexplicable.

He said the woman has told Elijah that shw no longer wanted to date him after 6 years as hee children were now older.

However, Elijah did not want to take no for an answer until the woman told hee husband about the relationship.

The husband confronted Elijah, who could not believe she has told her husband.

Elijah then called the woman to their secret meeting place, where he told her he was going to hang himself.

He gave her his cellphone and told her to leave.

The woman left, but came back later and found Elijah dead, hanging from a rope.

Elijah’ s Wife confirmed the story and ssid she her late Husband left 4 children. His lover also has 4 children.

The businessman and his wife refused to comment.

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