Hopewell Chin’ono Slams youths who follow Passion Java

Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has slammed young Zimbabweans who follow Passion Java.

Writing on Facebook, Chin’ono said:

I bought this house when I was 29 years old for US$60,000.
I merely walked into CABS and got a mortgage.

Today it is worth over half a million dollars.


Today the youths run after Passion Java for a coke and a dollar, that is how they have been cheapened by failed ZANUPF policies!

Some say they don’t do politics, well, if you don’t do politics, politics will do you!

Respect yourself, VOTE in 2023 for a better future and make Zimbabwe a normal place again where anyone working can own a home.

Today’s 29 year olds with the same qualifications that I had can’t even take a girl to a movie, you see them running after Java.

Again, I say this can change if you #RegisterToVoteNOW

Today you can’t get a mortgage bevause the economy has been destroyed through looting, plunder and lack of Rule of Law.

95% of Zimbabweans who should be in a decent job are not working.

In normal countries a teacher or nurse can own a house before they are 30, not in Zimbabwe.

Elect better leaders that will turn around the economy!
A 29 year old Zimbabwean should have the same equal opportunities as a 29 year old Rwandese, Batswana or South African.

That can only happen if the economy is in good shape and when there is no looting and plunder.

How do you get that? Elect decent leaders and that can only happen if you register to vote and actually go and vote.

The choice is yours!!!