In 1979 Zex Manatsa made history when he decided to get married to his long time partner Stella.

His music promoter Jack Sadza had a great idea, he exploited Manatsa’s popularity and decided to make capital out of it. He called it the wedding of the year where he selected Rufaro stadium and fans were required to pay one dollar entrance fee so as to witness the wedding.

On August 25, 1979 Rufaro Stadium was full with excited fans who had came to witness the wedding.

The event was one that even fans will remember for a lifetime as it introduced a concept that included fans taking part in the wedding proceedings.

While most people would be sceptical about filling up a stadium with people to witness their wedding, Sex and his wife did the unimaginable.

Their wedding was attended by over 50 000 people.

Zex is one of the well known musicians post independence. His songs of unity and peace brought people to together.


Even the way his wedding was done symbolised his burning desire to bring people together.

The evolution of weddings in the country has seen such methods being discarded. Most people would prefer to have fewer guests at their wedding especially taking into account the high costs of organizing a wedding.

Venues have also become a thing with newly weddings opting to use smaller, intimate venues rather than large spaces such as stadiums.