Hip-hop musician Desmond Chideme, known as “Stunner” in music circles, said that he has grown to a level where he no longer wants to be identified by a genre, but by brand power.

Despite the new crop of musicians, who of late have been releasing hit after hit, the “Godo” hitmaker said he was not intimidated and had passed the competition stage.

In an interview, Stunner, who is currently riding high with his new single “Imi Amai Imi’’ under the recently released Nash Riddim, said it was time people understood him from music, marriage to fashion.

On the single “Imi Amai Imi”, Stunner said that was the kind of music they grew up listening and dancing to, so he decided to rekindle his romance with yesteryear fans. “Well, this is the kind of music we grew up listening to with that fast beat. It sounds like urban grooves. When I sang ‘Mudhara Banda’ it was really nothing new. I can say I have not derailed from my brand; the song I am known for. I am happy with how the song ‘Batai Stella’ is doing on Star FM.

Everyone is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and as artistes we need to have other options to survive, either hosting virtual platforms or venturing into other businesses.”

The song, which is doing well on social media with over 17 000 views on YouTube three days after release, shows a curvy lady on a live set with Stunner at NashTV studios.

Stunner refused to share details of the album, but said for now he was focusing more on being an artiste to survive.