The prime minister of Central African Republic, Firmin Ngrebada has resigned along with the entire cabinet.

Firmin announced his resignation through his twitter account on Thursday.

The announcement came during a turbulent week after France announced it was suspending military operations with its former colony.

Earlier this week, about 160 French soldiers who were providing operational support, while also training Central African forces, suspended their mission. The decision did not affect the approximately 100 French soldiers involved in the United Nations peacekeeping forces and the European Union training forces in the country.

French officials have accused authorities in Bangui of failing to fight anti-French disinformation campaigns online, notably targeting the country’s ambassador and defence attache.

They have also cited the government’s treatment of political opposition.

The prime ministeer had been in post since early 2019 when he helped craft a February 2019 peace deal signed with rebel groups in Khartoum that now appears on the verge of collapse.

Critics had been calling for Ngrebada’s departure since March, when Touadera was sworn in for another five-year term.