A 65 year-old Headlands woman, Yvonne Nyamurova has revealed that she is being abused by two ghosts every night.

Please watch Yvonne narrating her story by clicking the video below.

In an interview with Kwayedza, Yvonne said the two ghosts appear  at bed time and without saying a word, use her for their own gratification. She says she works up tired and can barely stand up after they are done with her.

Narrating her ordeal, she revealed that the goblins have wiped all her belongings including 10 beasts, goats and all domestic kept animals.

She claims that the goblins are also eating her uncooked food, leaving her with nothing to eat.

Yvonne said her troubles started when she did a ritualto increase her wealth. The Prophet she consulted gave her a claypot which he placed into a hole which he dug into her yard, before it turned into ghosts.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.