Zim Dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall has released a song titled Chinese wake up after hinting  that he might be changing his tune to Hip Hop.

Enzo Ishall was confident that his first Hip Hop project will win the best Zim Hip Hop song of the year in 2021 and it has been trending on YouTube.

Posting on his social media, Enzo called for a fight with boxing champion Themba Takura Gorimbo and also took the opportunity to announce his intentions to shift his tune to Hip Hop.

Posting a series of pictures in some Ninja suit Enzo captioned the pictures saying, “Ndirikutsvaga anondzi Themba Gorimbo wekuMasvingo pa Bikita… ndirikudakumubhura. Plus ndirikubika chimwe chirikuhwina award ye best Hip [hop] song 2021.”

He did not mention if it will be a permanent shift or it’s just for one project. Last year Enzo released Urikutsvireiko which had a lot of Hip Hop resemblances and some influences in it.

Enzo is popularly known for his dancehall songs kanjiva and magate.