Self-confessed Prophet Jay Israel has questioned why TB Joshua decided not to use his anointed oil, stickers, and water to heal himself.

Prophet TB Joshua was popularly known for giving people anointing and people would fly to Nigeria for the anointing water and stickers.

Prophet Jay Israel took to Facebook alleging that TB Joshua had a chronic illness and he was on medication for the past two years.

‌Prophet Israel’s post had doubts if TB was really a man of God or not.

Prophet Jay Israel wrote:

“MY COMMENT ON TB JOSHUA !!I remember last year we did an expose on this man , talking about his deceptions, lies and manipulations . Many people have flocked into Nigeria to buy anointed water, stickers and oils that he claimed can heal any sickness . Here is a very interesting analogy . For the past 2 years TB Joshua was on medication 0, popping pills because he had a chronic illness . None of this was made public because it would demoralise the water and oil customers and shut down the business . If this man was a true man of God why didn’t he use his anointed water, oil and stickers to heal himself ? The problem with our naive and senseless African brothers and sisters is that nommatter the signs they will forever be blinded by religion . Before he died he was a false prophet , a thief , liar and a charlatan and now that he’s gone nothing changes , he remains the biggest Charlatan to ever walk on earth . Whether he makes heaven or hell , that is between him and God .
May his soul rest in peace !!”

Ever since TB Joshua’s death a lot of conspiracy theories have been circulating on social media.