Prominent  UK based gospel musician Reverend Ivy Kombo revealed some of her sad childhood memories in a Facebook live.

Ivy Kombo said that she had a difficulty upbringing.

She narrated how her parents could not afford to buy her and her siblings undergarments.

“I didn’t know what a pad was till I was older. During that time of the month we would use newspapers.

“Sometimes our relatives would give us second hand undergarments.

She was grateful that  her being a church person changed her life story.

“Most of the people I grew up with who were not into church things are dead now.”

Ivy Kombo also opened up that in their family, a series of deaths were recorded to an extent that she almost gave up on life.

“We were seven in my family but three of them died before they even got married.

She added that a lot people are quick to judge the kind of a person she is now, not knowing where she came from.