Popular activist, Gary Thwala Jackson, has this morning revealed that he has damaging pictures and text messages of Bulawayo Mayor, Solomon Madlala Mngui in a compromising position with his side chick.

Thwala was writing on his Facebook page.

Solomon Madlala Mnguni kissing an unknown woman

Thwala wrote:

Solomon Madlala Mnguni (Bulawayo Mayor) with due respect and as a matter of urgency I need you to get in touch with me a.s.a.p and if you are scared use the likes of Zenzele Ndebele trusted people ngoba impondo seziphumile esakeni.

I deliberately put your pictures to prove to you angidlali woza silungise. I stand for PEACE, RESPECT and I don’t like people who take advantage of women and deceive them. This will protect your dear wife as well.

A prominent figure like you shouldn’t be watched uganga and as a Brother gijima. Don’t come to me wearing Mayoral Robes or something asikhulume like Brothers.

I know your wife will be hurt but ayikho enye indlela she has to know kuyafiwa phandle la!

It is nor clear why Thwala wants the Mayor to contact him. However, this could indicate that there is a bigger story unfolding behind the scenes.

Bulawayo Mayor, Solomon Madlala Mnguni at a city lodge Hotel

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