Susan Mutami has heavily criticised Norton Legislator, Temba Mliswa.

Mutami took to twitter to attack Mliswa saying that he was assisted by the President to bury his loved one.

“Temba Mliswa just becoz wakapihwa mari yekunoviga chitunha chekumba kwenyu na HE does nt make u a Mnangagwa. Hapana munhu asina kupihwa rubatsiro rwekuviga mubereki wake. Stop abusing the President’s name. U are not related to him one bit. Grow up.

…. and also stop abusing DG Isaac Moyo’s office either. Learn to solve ur issues wega semurume. Stop fighting with everyone it’s not good for the children unopa vana mamhepo. Concentrate on ur work as an outgoing Legislator of Norton.

Nortonians need development, jobs and food on their tables and not someone who is sleeping on the job and extorting companies of their profits using HE’s name. Muchakura rini baba Matwins,” tweeted Mutami.

Susan Mutami is on a mission to dethrone his ex-boyfriend as the Norton Legislator during the 2023 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Mutami has revealed her campaign strategies which includes developing a 200-300 MW Solar power project for Norton.

Last week, Mutami further stepped up her campaign as she revealed that she aims to construct what she labeled as a ‘state-of-the art primary school’ in the Norton Constituency.