Musician Selmor Mtukudzi has joined other artists in expressing displeasure with the government’s apparent lack of care for struggling artists during the covid 19 pandemic.

Selmor took to Twitter to plead with Zimbabwean authorities to address their concerns.

She expressed dismay after celebrating her father in South Africa.

She wrote:

“This is é 1st time in the years I’ve been performin outside Zim that I have felt sad to be comin back home.Plz Mr President @edmnangagwa dont let us artists be destitute in our own land.Let’s copy what SA is doin & allow us 2 work for our families.Yours sincerely a proud Zimbo.”

In response to her plea ZANU PF director for Information and publicity Tafadzwa Mugwadi said artists’ concerns were being addressed.
He wrote:
“We have taken note of concerns by music artists who have registered their plea for a waiver in the arts sector to ensure they are cushioned in these Covid19 measures. We will be engaging leaders abt the issue for a waiver. H/ever, we opine that our colleagues in the arts sector.

“We must learn to engage with authorities & express themselves respectfully rather than thru insults. Football authorities set an example & signed themselves to strict conditions in light of this pandemic. Now they are on. Hazvidi kutukana kusina maturo. This is a New Dispensation.”