The outspoken social media personality, who is affectionately known as Urban Tete Zuva has announced that she has been signed by Becky Castings Agency.

‌Zuva is well known for her bedroom advise to women, encouraging them to spice up their se_x lives such that she has commanded a huge following and is occasionally invited to host female themed events.

Becky Casting Agency is a South African bassd agency which is owned by a Zimbabwean  and it helps  serves as a middleman for production companies by finding the talent they need for various roles. The agency specialises in different niches such as theatre performers, commercial actors, films and television show actors or extras.

Zuva took to social media to show her excitement.

“Thank you Becky Casting agent, you truly are the Master at this game.

“You boosted my confidence and kept pushing me Becky, you believed in me more than l did in myself, look at me now,” she said

She has joined Zim actors like Madam Boss, Sandra Ndebele and Slick Pastor.