Popular socialite, Mudiwa, has revealed that his father was a bus driver and eventually drove the Dynamos Bus after he lost his job.

Responding to elviddo, Mudiwa wrote :

Dear @elviddo.23j

Young man I never chose the life style I was born in😞, I grew up in Chitungwiza under very unfavorable circumstances. Indeed my dad was a bus driver and my mom was a vendor but they raised a very responsible and hardworking gentleman in me, who even helps strangers. I have never lied about my poor background, I take pride in it because it motivated and inspired me to be here. My dad loves Dynamos and He drove that Dynamos bus with pride for over 8years.

One thing you may not have been privy to is, He worked for Dynamos when God had changed our circumstances… so it was passion for his team and driving the bus was all he could give as it is his best qualification…so when things changed, he still would drive his D4D double cab to work park it and drive the bus( Hatisi kushandira ngozi).

He is retired now, over 65 years now. He is my Hero and is a very intelligent man, who jus came from a poor background that couldn’t pay for his education but his greatest achievement then, was a drivers license that raised 4 kids including me…

I am happy you mentioned it, People LIE that i come from a rich family and i am privileged,NO… I am a proud son who was raised by a bus driver. Right now my old man lacks nothing, as long as i am alive He is set, I am a strong Retirement Plan for my parents! Are you one?

Nothing I have was ever given to me young man, I went after it… Only my son, Mudiwa Jnr can comfortably say he comes from a rich family, I can’t and did NOT but I was raised by loving and caring parents who worked hard for me to go to school.

I see you are living large young man, Supreme is an expensive label. Nice watch, supreme phone etc Well done, you have done well but leave parents out of these convos… thats sensitive… Just so you know, they now live in a beautiful house, with everything…leave them to enjoy.

Son of a Bus Driver