South Africans are not Grateful Claims Bushiri

Self-proclaimed prophet Shephered Bushiri says South Africans are not grateful for his immense contributions to the country’s economy.

Bushiri argues that during the seven years he spent in South Africa, over 10 000 international visitors visited Gauteng Province just to meet him.

“Hotels and lodges were always full in Pretoria. Transportation sector boomed. Small scale restuarants saw a giant reap,” posted Bushiri.

“But because I was a foreigner, no single South African media reported positive about that apart from pushing their hatred narrative against me,” added Bushiri.

However, Bushiri praised Malawi’s local media for noticing his contribution to the economy.

“I have only been in Malawi for few months, and it’s amazing how local media is able to quickly notice my contribution to the economy,” said Bushiri.

Bushiri made the headlines when he fled South Africa last year.