Dancehall artiste Guspy Warrior real name Tatenda Manyeruke has written an  open letter to the President of Zimbabwe crying fowl over the closure of shows due to covid 19.

He opened up that the closure of gigs since last year due to Covid-19 lockdown has stifled them.

His call comes at a time the country is being challenged to be extra-vigilant amid genuine fears of a third wave, which has ravaged India in recent weeks.

In a video circulating on social media addressed to the President, Guspy warrior revealed that he was the representing other artists.

“On behalf of all artists, musician, actors and actresse, comedians, please consider us in your meetings.

“We only survive on shows and we haven’t been having shows for the past two years, our families are suffering we can’t even afford to pay their fees,”

He said that many artists are travelling to South Africa for gigs and are at big risk of having Covid 19.

Guspy pleaded with the president to open shows to avoid artists going to South Africa.

” Covid 19 cases rising because  artists are  traveling to do shows in South Africa were there  is a high number of Covid cases.”