WATCH LIVE : Rituals Mugabe did when he received the Staff of Zimbabwe.

There are two staffs of Zimbabwe which came from overseas, the staff of the nation and the staff of war.

The staff of Zimbabwe (Pemberawabaya) has three rules:

  • It does not stay in a modern house
  • It does not like fornication.
  • It does not like bloodshed.

The staff of Zimbabwe will not be found before the six rituals that were stated by the spirit medium of Nehanda in Zambia are done. The staff of war was given to Tongogara.

How Mugabe got the staff of Zimbabwe.

  1. At the beginning of the 2nd Chimurenga, Mugabe was prophesized by Sixpence Gandanzara (Shoniwa).
  2. Mugabe was one of the 54 Munhumutapas.
  3. Mugabe was given the staff of the nation in 1957.
  4. Mugabe and his mother and his uncle, Karigamombe went to the the Nzous. Mugabe was possessed by the national spirit to rule Chivavarira ( Zimbabwe).
  5. Mugabe headed to the east.
  6. The people who helped the first Zimbabweans who crossed Zambezi into Zimbabwe – The Nyandoros – Biri na Ganyire, Chinhoyi, Chirorodziva ( Kwa Chihota). Biri na Ganyire were the spirit mediums of the Nzous. They are the spirit mediums that hands the leadership of Zimbabwe. Nyandoro means Muridzi we Ndoro.
  7. George Bodzo Nyandoro, who was a messenger at Harare Post office took him there.
  8. There was a spirit medium called Nyakasikana. The spirit is still there.
  9. Mugabe consulted and was told what to do.
  10. He was told to go and come back after some time. Mugabe’s mother had visions about Mugabe. They went back to kutama and stayed for some time.
  11. Joshua Nkomo also went to Biri na Ganyire and he consulted. However, they told him that he was from across the Limpopo. The spirits said Nkomo would eventually be closer to the settlers.
  12.  Ndabaningi Sithole also came to consult and consulted Biri na Ganyire and he was rejected because he would eventually compromise and he was asked to leave.
  13. Another came , a cousin of King Makombe, Abel Muzorewa came and consulted and Biri na Ganyire told him to go back as he had been given Mozambique. They determined that he was not clean.
  14. In September, Mugabe went back to Biri na Ganyire and with his mother and Karigamombe.
  15. Mugabe was told that he was the chosen one by the spirit of Biri na Ganyire. Mugabe was told that Nkomo, Muzorewa and Sithole had already came.
  16.  Mugabe was told to buy a black cow with no horns, one that has not known a female.
  17. Bona Mugabe took 3.10 pounds and bought the cow.
  18. Mugabe was told to go into the forest to cut four poles to build a kraal for the cow.
  19. Robert came back with the four poles and built the kraal.
  20. The bull was put inside the kraal.
  21. The spirit of Biri na Ganyire told Mugabe that after a short time, he must touch the bull and touch its genitals and talk what he wanted while holding these.
  22. Mugabe spoke and said what he wanted.
  23. He was told that the bull would fall and die and rot and come out maggots with tails within a few minutes.
  24. After a few minutes the bull died and flies walked on it and it rotted and maggots with tails came out of it.
  25. Biri na Ganyire told Mugabe that his request had been answered. He was asked to come inside the house and get the staff of the nation, which was used to part the waters at the Zambezi while crossing from Zambia.
  26. Mugabe was handed the staff of Zimbabwe in front of his mother and uncle Karigamombe.
  27. He was told to keep the staff and he was told that the staff stays has rules.
  28. Mugabe was told that much would happen to him but he would eventually be President.
  29. Mugabe began politics in Ghana.
  30. When he came back to Zimbabwe he was arrested, but he knew he had the staff of Zimbabwe.
  31. When he came out he went to the staff, he was told that he would meet Mambo we Ndoro (Magondo – Tangwena) – we Mozambique ( Mazambuko). He was told that he would be led to the freedom fighters.
  32. Tangwena did rituals and a mist surrounded Mugabe. He was with Edgar Tekere.
  33. Mugabe was told that when he had defeated the enemy he should come back to get the 12 commandments which he was going to rule Zimbabwe.
  34. When he came back, he was to get another bull called Pasipangu. That was to annoint him as Munhumutapa.
  35. After Mugabe came back, he never went back to Biri na Ganyire. He was afraid that he would lose power.
  36. In 1986, Bona Mugabe reminded him that he was supposed to go back to Biri na Ganyire.
  37. His mother kept pestering, and Mugabe was reluctant.
  38. Tsvimbo ye hondo and Tsvimbo ye nyika they stay in the North.
  39. In 1986, Mugabe sent Enos Chikowore, Mayor Urimbo and Solomon Mujuru to speak to Biri na Ganyire.
  40. The spirit mediums of Biri na Ganyire dismissed them and said they wanted Mugabe himslef to come and do his rituals.
  41. When they came back, Mugabe said he would go, but did not do so. He eventually told his mother that he was a christian.
  42. The spirit mediums from Dande gathered and said the staff was now wanted and Mugabe was informed and he said he knew.
  43. Eventually, Mugabe was told that he would be betrayed by his own and little children would boo him.
  44. Mugabe was given the message in writing but ignored it.
  45. The spirit mediums had already taken their staff of the nation , Mugabe was just left with a powerless stick.
  46. Mugabe’s mother died bitter because of Mugabe’s refusal to take the staff back to Zimbabwe.
  47. Mugabe was not given the staff of Zimbabwe because it was not given to him for good. The staff was taken in  the spirit back to Mavhuradonha.
  48. If you want to know about the staff of Zimbabwe, you should go and ask the spirit mediums of Biri na Ganyire, Nyamasoka, Nyamapfeka, Nyabapa, Nyanhehwe ( Chitehwe, Nebeza Nyamatape ( son of Mutota), Chivhere Nyasoro.
  49. The Nzous and the Moyos must gather to deliberate on the issues of Zimbabwe.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.