The continuous robberies in the city of kings and queens has resulted to a loss of over $US11k by Choppies branches.

Last week, armed robbers took Choppies by surprise as they stole seven trunks of cash that had been collected from Choppies branches in Bulawayo.

However, the retail outlet and the police did not confirm the figures soon after the robbery took place.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has confirmed the figures.

The figures have been revealed and the robbers made way with $194 287, $US 11 315, R35 595 and 25 pula, after firing several shots during the raid.

In the past two weeks, two armed robberies took place at Ascot shopping mall and Choppies in Parklands.

Meanwhile, Nyathi also revealed that police were in the process of tracking one of the vehicles used during the robbery.

According to multiple reports the vehicle in question was sold to a lot of people who did not change ownership of the vehicle.