Pastor Charamba urges parents to protect their children

Prominent gospel musician Pastor Charles Charamba, has urged parents to protect their following cases of child kidnappers being  on the rise.

Pastor Charamba implored parents to always ensure that their children are safe this comes after he came across a child who was suffering alone in Mutoko.

“While travelling on a dusty road that links Mutoko and Nyamuzizi, we came across a child who was sleeping in the middle of the road and when we awoke him, he said he had been sick.
This touched us greatly as there were no adults to accompany such children to and from school. So, guardians are urged to try their best to escort children so as to ensure safety.
Children also need to be taught to be cautious not to board any strange car they see around, accepting gifts from strangers as well as walking alone where possible,” he said.

He  also said inasmuch as parents should  hustle in order to put food on the table, they should also have time for the children.

Pastor Charamba is a father to three girls and two boys hence the reason why he is so particular about the safety of children.