William Jafta Speaks To Animals

William Jafta, now dubbed Animal Soundman, was born in Capetonian and raised in Paarl.

He has been imitating animals for 20 years. He can imitate 11 animals in the streets. William Jafta is a 28-year-old street performer with a knack for imitating farm animals.

“I’m in love with animals and am interested in speaking to them in their own language. I realised in primary school that it was a talent, so I just took it from there and challenged myself to learn as many as I can,”: said William.

Jafta comes from a poverty-stricken community, where he often sees street children wandering around aimlessly.

He says many of them have turned to a life of drugs, alcoholism and crime, letting their lives fall apart.

With his shows, he aims to inspire these children to see that no matter how odd or small their talent may be, it can be used to build a future.

He learnt first the language of domestic animals around his neighborhood – cats, dogs and chickens – which took him a couple of weeks to to master.

The most difficult language for him to was horse as he was also at the moment trying to learn different birdcalls.