Businesswoman and Ginimbi’s ex-wife Zodwa Mkandla over the weekend advised  Nelia to hang out with the right people.

Zodwa opened up that Nelia  was hanging out with the wrong people.

This comes after the businessman who is also a socialite who goes by the name of Simba Trevor Mbizvo popularly known as Hell Commander created a whole scene that has backfired made Nelia and Ms Shally fire shots at him.

Zodwa had to address the issue during an Instagram live.

She opened up that Nelia was associating with the wrong people.
“You are associating yourself with the wrong people mwanangu.
“These people do not have your best interests at heart.
“I love you tete and its my duty to rebuke wrong things.”

Nelia had to speak her mind and comfort Nelia Kadungure after Hell Commander went bizarre and ranted bad things about Ginimbi.
“Nelia is young, we mourn differently, please give her time to heal.
“She lost someone who was a father, brother, friend to her , so defending her brother in public its justified.

She urged people to leave Ginimbi alone.
“Please let Genius rest.
“No one will ever be Ginimbi.
“I don’t remember Hell Commander being Genius’ friend and he didn’t have any right to say all those words.

The whole of social media went wild reacting to Hell Commander, even his ex-girlfriend MsShally who used to manage Ginimbi was angry with him.