Harare stepmother drives 15 Year old boy into the streets

Saint TV continued to assist young street kids around Harare. This week, they spoke to Leroy Mutengeza (15).

Leroy said he has been living on the streets of Harare for about one and a half months.

Narrating his ordeal, Leroy said his mother and father seperated when he was 2 years old.

His mother now lives in Cape Town, while his father is a manager at Moz in Bulawayo.

Leroy  said he was at a boarding school called Rufaro High in Masvingo after he passed his grade 7 with 6 points.

On the day that he ran away from home, Leroy said he feeling sick and spent the whole day sleeping.

When he woke up, he decided to drink some water. However, in the process, he broke his stepmother’s cup.

Leriy said his stepmother started beating him up  with an electric cable, to the extent of sitting on top of him.

Leroy said during the attack, he managed to escape.

He revealed thay he has a heart problem and feared for his life.


Leroy said his step mother has always been abusive to him. As a grade 3 child, he says he remembers being made to eat with the family dogs in the same plate.

Leroy said ever since he has been on the streets, his father has never looked for him. He said he feels his father does not care for him at all.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.