CHAOS Breaks out In Chamisa ‘s MDC Alliance youths assembly

Infighting has broken out in Chamisa’s MDC Alliance youths assembly, as various groups aligned to different factions open attack each other.

A massive witch hunt has been underway, with youths aligned to Chamisa openly accusing others of belonging to the Sikhala, Biti and Mwonzora groups.

There was a hive of activity last night on MDC Alliance groups after prominent youths leaders Cecillia Chimbiri and Gift Ostallos Siziba were forced to publicly apologize to another youth leader, Lovemore Chinoputsa.

The apology came after heated exchanges, during which Cecilia and Ostallos made wild allegations against Lovemore ‘Destroyer’ Chinoputsa.

Among the allegations were accusations that Chinoputsa was a secret agent working with both the Mwonzora MDC-T and state.

Cecillia and Ostallos, among others, are reported to have accused Chinoputsa of playing a part in the arrest of Obey Sithole.

This did not go down well with senior party members aligned to the Biti and Sikhala factions, who complained to Chamisa.

Chamisa forced Cecillia and Ostallos to apologize, however, the damage was already done.

Three MDC Alliance Factions

Three factions have emerged in the MDC Alliance, each aligned to Chamisa, Sikhala, Biti. The factions arose from differences over strategy.

The Sikhala faction wants an open confrontation with the Mnangagwa government, while the Biti faction wants unconditional dialogue.

Sources told Gambakwe Media that Chamisa is stuck in the middle as he believes that he won the 2018 elections. He is undecided on the next course of action.


The uncertainty in the party has resulted in serious divisions, with many leaders now secretly negotiating with Mwonzora ‘s MDC-T and ZANU PF.

‘People are frustrated. Dont be suprised if you see some surprising names crossing over to either MDC-T or ZANU PF within the next few months’ , said the source.