In a shocking development, seven members of a Nyanga family are now walking on all fours after a ritual by their grandfather went terribly wrong.

Ronica Kembo says only three of the younger children do not have the condition.

Speaking to Drewmas Media, Ronica said when she turned two, instead of proceeding to the running stage, she started to crawl again.

Ronica says her parents abandoned her at different hospitals until police had to bring her back to the house.

Ronica ‘s daughter also walks on four legs

The family is struggling with water, cooking and even going to the bathroom.

Ronica’s daughter told Drewmas that their grandfather, Kembo, committed suicide after he saw what his family had became.

Ronica said a traditional healer has demanded 13 herd of cattle or a girl child to fix the problem, a demand they rejected.

A group of white garment apostles made the family dip their hands in some liquid, which scalded the family.

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