In a new twist to the factional fighting within the MDC Alliance, Charles Mutama, the founder of Yellow Vest movement, the pressure group that supported Jib Sikhala during his trial, has formed a new political party.

Mutama announced yesterday on his Facebook page that he was forming the political party called Patriotic Zimbabweans.


Leadership of Patriotic Zimbabweans

The party has among its leaders, some elements from the Zimbabwe People Power Movement, such as Chiwoniso Mpofu.

USA based Mpofu, who is from Chitungwiza, contested as an independent candidate in 2018 and has strong links to funders.

It is widely accepted that Job Sikhala and his supporters such as Hopewell Chin’ono, consider Chamisa a reluctant and weak leader, and would prefer more aggressive action against ZANU-PF.

Mutama was a strong MDC supporter and is closer to Sikhala and some people around Nelson Chamisa up to the 2017 election and after the elections.

He is married to his wife, Ester.

Charles Mutama and his wife Esther

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