Popular Aston Villa player, Marvelous Nakamba, has shocked Zimbabweans after he gave Apostle Chiza only a soccer jersey as a thank you token for blessing him when he was starting off his career.

The popular Bulawayo Prophet prophesied, a few years ago, that Nakamba would play for a big soccer team. This prophecy was fulfilled.

Prophet Chiza with the jersey that Nakamba gave him.

When Apostle Chiza posted a picture of himself standing next to a Jeep, many Zimbabweans  concluded that Nakamba had given the car to him.

However, eveyone was shocked to read the accompanying message, which said:

Aston Villa FC player Marvellous Nakamba’s France League 2 Nancy FC Jersey he gave me in honor of Anointing on prophercy & his testimony day to Jesus Christ. May God continue blessing u, lifting u Nakamba until u become a Marvel unto many.

Marvelous Nakamba

All the glory be unto God. No witchcraft or Divination against u shall work my spiritual son Numbers 23v23. We continue praying for u. Arise & Shine!! Continue lifting the Zim flag. I am proud of u, keep it on loving God & worshipping him with all humility. Never forget God or be proud no matter how much God lifts u up Prophetically.

I like the way u honor God. Continue working hard in football practice, on pitch during games, in prayer and more Anointing. We love u so much, u are special, unique & important to us & all Zim. ARISE & SHINE in the English Premier League!!! Amen.

Nakamba, who bought himself a brand new sports car last week, did not comment on the Facebook post.

Nakamba only gave Prophet Chiza a soccer jersey