Popular Zimbabwean comedian and DJ, Promise Mapressa Sibanda, was badly beaten by Security guards in Johannesburg at the beginning of this month and claims this was for no reason.

Promise Sibanda likes to hang out with Traditional healer, Dr Kehlelezi

Sibanda, who is known for hanging out with popular traditional healer, Dr Kehlelezi, seems to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, when the beating happened.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Sibanda said he was standing in front of his flat in Hillbrow when security guards from Bad Boyz Security arrived.

Sibanda said one security guard started to search him without saying a word.

When Sibanda protested, the security guards slapped him hard on the nose and put him inside their van.

Sibanda said he bled for 40 minutes before he was taken to the Hillbrow police station where he was detained for 3 hours.

Promise Sibanda hangs out with Traditional healer, Dr Kehlelezi

Police at Hillbrow said they are still investigating Sibanda’s claims.

Dean, a manager at Bad Boyz security, told the newspaper that they are not aware of the case.

Sibanda claims that the security guards stole his Zimbabwean passport, work permit and expensive Hisense E40 cellphone.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily sun newspaper – 24 May 2021.