Aka finally opens up

South African rapper AKA  has revelead that Anelle’s knew that she had mental issues.

AKA broken his silence in an exclusive tell-all interview with Thembekile Mrototo, in an attempt to tell his side of the story amid speculations that he abused Anelle.

AKA claimed that Nellie, as she was affectionately known, was suffering from mental health issues and

He said her father Durban businessman Moses Tembe, knew of her struggles with mental health even though he denied this at her funeral.
“He was well aware that Anele was on medication, we spoke about it many times. We had spoken about her sometimes getting off her medication, not being on her medication

AKA also spoke about the nature of his relationship with Tembe. Although he denied that their relationship was toxic, he said it was tumultuous because they were both ‘passionate’.