Zimbabwean-born business man and Econet founder, Mr Strive Masiyiwa, who has reportedly attained British citizenship, has been named the first black billionaire in the United Kingdom.

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, the London-based Mr Masiyiwa (60) has made it to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Mr Masiyiwa could not be reached last night to comment on when he attained British citizenship.
“He was born in the country — now modern day Zimbabwe — in 1961.

When he was aged seven, his parents fled the country amid the unrest after Ian Smith’s government declared independence from Britain.
“His family moved to Zambia where Mr Masiyiwa attended primary school, before moving to the UK aged 12.

“He attended a private secondary school in Scotland — paid for by his entrepreneur mother — before later earning an engineering degree from the University of Wales,” reads the Daily Mail article.