Ola pulled a mind blowing prank on April fools Day (1 April 2021) by introducing Ola Airpro which is the world’s first fully autonomous electric flying car.

New-age materials were used to create the car, including carbon fibre and titanium, all sustainably sourced from F1 cars in Germany, fighter jets from the US and soft drink cans from Shivajinagar, stated Ola.

Ola Airpro has always promised convenience to take the world another amazing century of greater technology, the Ola founder, said in a video shared on Twitter, announced the Ola AirPro.

While it sounds like two MacBooks were mashed together, the company promised the one thing that everyone’s looking forward – flying cars.

They said that their employees worked 24X7 towards the goal. Agarwal said that they have always wanted to revolutionise urban mobility forever and that they have finally done it now.

He then introduces the “world’s first and only fully autonomous electric flying car – Ola AirPro”.

Ola AirPro can vertically land and take off anytime, anywhere, stated the company.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.