After Ginimbi’s sister Nelia Kadungure withdrwew the charges from her baby dad Fally Ipupa Jnr, Fally then paid Tatelicious to expose Nelia on her Facebook live.

The Queen of Facebook Lives called Fally during her live and he confirmed that he had sent some money to Tatelicious’ mother.

Tatelicious revealed that Ginimbi’s former wife Zodwa Mkandla had called her earlier pleading her not to blast Nelia, but she refused saying the money offered was too little.

The rumour monger also revealed that Fally wanted to leak Nelia’s n_udes but she dissed Nelia saying her nudes are not quality content for her fans.
“Haanatsogeza uya, saka man_udes ake haanakidze kuona.
“So I told Fally that we don’t want n_udes but something more.”
Rumours are that Fally exposed Nelia because he claims that her boyfriend is the one who ot him arrested.