Comedianne, socialite Mai Titi is losing another close friend Patricia Jack who claims that was not honest with her when the BJB films story headlined.

Patricia Jack opened up that she had Mai Titi’s back but later on realised that the rumours circulating were true.

Patricia took to Facebook to address the issue.
She wrote:”Wakambopera strong zvekuti waitsigira munhu uchiita nharo wozoona ahh zvaitaurwa pamusoro pake ndezvemashuwa ”

Below are some of the fans comments.

She expressed how betrayed she was with Mai Titi.

In response Mai Titi wrote: “Learn to walk away in peace where you aren’t needed, don’t force friendship or relationship maybe you are better off without them and maybe they are better off without you.Happy Monday my lovelies.”

The duo is known to be very close, last year they dragged someone to court for attempting to kill Mai Titi.