Olinda addresses the issue of social media trolls

United Kingdom based business woman Olinda Chapel-Nkomo revealed that she is not bothered by people who are always blasting her on social media.

She took to Facebook to address the issue of social media trolls.
Olinda is among some of the celebs who always get negative comments from fans.

She wrote:”A lot of people think blocking and banning people with nasty comments off my page is because I am afraid or I can’t answer. I am very capable of being rude but ..

“Ukagara uri surrounded by bad energy you will find that everything you touch and do gets infected by those bad vibes. It starts spreading to every aspect of your life (chimbozvi cherechedza) look at your own life. Look at the reasons why unogona kungo ita minyama kana kuti zvinhu hazvimbo famba soo.

It’s all because waswera uchiita mabasa asina kururama, you have invited those bad vibes into your dormain and they now follow you were ever you go. Hauna kuroyiwa. The world is just giving you back what you gave it.

Chimbo tarisai profile yemunhu anenge achitukirira then come back and tell me if good vibes follow them.” she added.
Olinda was recently blasted after a fan claimed that she had failed to give her the money she had promised.