Ginimbi’s sister Nelia Kadungure has responded to why she got her baby dad Fally Ipupa arrested over the weekend.

She made her own side of the story known during an Instagram live with Ms Shally, Ginimbi’s former manger.

Nelia made the headlines again after rumours circulated that Fally Ipupa Jnr vandalised her Mercedes Benz.

Nelia revealed that  the two had complex issues more than the car incident.

She opened up that she had to bail Fally and withdraw charges because of her son’s sake.

“The reason why I bailed him out its because, Muku my son loves his Dad and I had to withdraw the charges.

“After withdrawing the charges Fally started posting things about me again on social media.” she said.

After being freed Fally claims that Anthony, Nelia’s boyfriend caused the drama.

Nelia claims that she had no idea that her baby dad’s arrest was being captured.