AWARD winning rapper and dancer Kikky Badass, real name Christabel Mahlungwa, has urged Zim hiphop artists to be united rather than focusing on who sings better than the other.

This comes after TiGonzi a hiphop rapper said that he was better than all the hip hop artists.

Kikky aired her concerns on her twitter platform.
She said hiphop is the only genre with people who are always on each other’s throat.

She wrote: “ZIM hiphop is the only genre ine vanhu vanongonyandurana we have a limited audience already we should be moving as one to push our genre tozoita zvekutosvorana when we start making real money.”

Kiky also said hiphop artists should focus on getting real money.



“Hapana kana 1 anobhadharwa 1K and above kunyepa chaiko . But busy “ndini ndinogonha”
Kugona kupfura nhingi kune basa reiko , when we are still struggling to get real money. ”
She added:
“Gonzi had valid points as far as the DJs gwan . Lol they have “their” people as far as radio play , it’s been like that since , I’ve said it since 2017. Kuita radio station ka radio kekumba kwavo, it’s disgusting. But then he lost me when he came fr Breezy and and Des.
Because how are you dissing someone but ask them to be on your project? And then what to discredit others because of a fucking award? Chiiiko chinonyanyo shamisira pama awards asina kana mari ? Awards??? Because last year anga asina wani. Ska toti wapera cz of that?”