A Zimbabwean man who is based in Cape town was shocked to find out that his wife was dating three men during the time that they were separated, after they reconciled.

The matter was revealed in a leaked telephone conversation between the husband, Mr Bere, the boyfriend, Charles and the wife, Rumbidzai Munodawafa.

Mr Bere (Baba Talent), got more than he bargained for when he and Rumbidzai phoned Charles, who then angrily revealed the identity of the other two boyfriends. Charles said he dated Rumbidzai for two months.

Charles revealed that he had found out that Rumbidzai was also dating Willy and James at the same time and Willy had already paid Lobola to Rumbidzai ‘s parents.

Charles called Rumbidzai a liar, a cheat, and an occulist. The conversation revealed that the reconciliation between Rumbidzai and Mr Bere may be in danger.

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