Olinda Chapel has expressed her anger and vowed never to bail anyone following a backlash from the section of her fans over an alleged failed promise.

However, it appeared that, the beneficiary at the centre of the storm Bridget Panashe Marufu was initially given some money to buy groceries yet she acted as if nothing was posted to her.
The saga started on instagram, during an question and answer session when Bridget was asked if Olinda gave her money but she said no.

Addressing the issue during instagram live Olinda called Bridget to confirm the rumours but it seems as if Bridget failed to meet the agreed conditions that is why Olinda did not pay her.

Olinda had promised to help Bridget whom she requested to submit a proposal.
Olinda posted V11s on her social media platforms to show her fans that she transferred some money to Bridget.
She wrote:
“I have people who lie on my name. I gave this girl money twice. This is what I get in return. Vanhu hamubatsirike ! Please don’t ask me for anything from now on !”