Norton legislator Temba Mliswa’s ex-girlfriend has revealed that she is not taking donations from anyone except from the well monied baby daddy.

In a twitter thread, Susan said ladies from Brisbane who were planning a baby shower for her should save their gifts for the needy because Mliswa is capable of looking after his own children.

“Even though Baba matwins has not yet sent anything, I’m sure u heard him making things clear during the press conference that he was well monied and Is going to be taking care of Owen Mudha Mliswa and Gabarare Mliswa so worry not”, she wrote.

Susan said having heard that her ex husband donated two cars whilst he has not yet done anything for his twins gives her extra confidence that a size-able financial transaction from his end will be taking place anytime from now.

She added that the twins are therefore extremely blessed to be having a rich father with undoubted financial capacity.