Despite the criticism and controversies on social media surrounding her marriage, United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean business woman Olinda Chapel has remained in a marriage which dissed by many.

In an instagram live interview with Miss Candy Olinda opened up that her marriage with Tytan was flowing.

After being asked why she got back with Tytan, Olinda justified herself saying marriage has no formula.

She revealed that they had to ignore their history for them to move forward.

She said: “We act as if nothing happened between us, it does not mean that we are in denial but we do couples’ therapy to resolve our issues. Overally the good moments we had together outweigh the bad ones.

Olinda confirmed that she is happily married.
“Above all marriage is all about compromising, you learn to love someone and make a decision to spend the rest of your life with that person. And I am happy to say that I am happy.”

She opened up about her dreams for the next five years.

She said that she would love to renew her vows with her husband and have another child with him.