After posting a brotherly post on Facebook Tatelicious exposed Mambo Dhuterere for saying negative things about Jah Prayzah behind his back by leaking audios of Mambo Dhuterere saying Jah Prayzah uses Juju.

The mweya ndisesekedze hit maker took to Facebook to appreciate Jah Prayzah for helping him when he entered the music industry.

He wrote:”The way yandaibatwa ne this guy ndisati ndava ne mbiri l haven’t yet meet any public figure ati andibata that way ndatova ne mbiri, even inini am failing kubata vanhu the way he did to me nomatter how l try… being new in industry Jah Prayzah na Mathias Mhere guided me at most.”
Jah Prayzah responded to the message saying it was duty to help others.”

After all this happened Tatelicious proved that Mambo Dhuterere’s appreciation post was fake, he had v11s of Mambo Dhuterere dissing Jah Prayzah.

Taking to Facebook Live, Tatelicious, who is a brand Ambassador for Nyaradzo Group together with Jah Prayzah decided to defend his associate by engaging embittered Mambo Dhuterere’s ‘former manager’ Marvelous Munemo.

Marvelous Munemo leaked all Whatsapp audio exchanges they had in which the former said Jah Prayzah uses voodoo to advance his music career and so, he won’t do a song with him.
In a call during Tatelicious’ Facebook live DJ Marve says;
“Mambo Dhuterere said he is not supposed to collaborate on the same song because his bishop told him that Jah Prayzah uses voodoo,” he said.
DJ Marve decided to smear Dhuterere after he dumped him after ‘becoming famous’.
One of Dhuterere’s voice notes suggests the man was jealous of Jah Prayzah’s success.
“Ita shamwari, mari ikudyiwa namurasta (Jah Prayzah) yakandibata bata shamwari, nekungoimba kuti haaa”, Dhuterere is heard saying in one of the voice notes.
It is apparent however that somehow DJ Marve is doing all this out of bitterness for having been ditched and so is trying to tarnish Mambo Dhuterere’s image.
Dj Marve as he is known, said Mambo Dhuterere had promised him that he will become his manager back in the day but, he did not live up to the promise. “I used to post his content for free from across all social platforms before he even shot up to prominence.”