Top Five Zimbabwe dating sites revealed

Online dating is not common in Zimbabwe, a country that is made of 95% Christians.

However according to Hot263, there are a few dating sites that are mostly used by young people.

The top five dating sites have a few things in common :They  all ask the user to join and set up a profile.

Please click below to visit the top five dating sites in Zimbabwe.

1. Zimbo Mingle

This is one of the most popular site for Zimbabweans who want to find a date. The site asks you to set up a profile and you can then see the profiles of other users.

If you don’t know what to do, you can check out the Mingle tips on the same site.

You can also go into the many chat rooms on Zimbo mingle and interact with other minnglers.

2. Zimhookup

Zimhookup is another great Zimbabwean dating site. It has a rather long signup process, but once you’re in, depending on your preferences, you will be spoilt for choice.

3. Dating Buzz Zimbabwe

If you’re a picky lover or a picky person dating buzz Zimbabwe is your site. It has a sign up so through I almost gave up on setting up my dummy account. This means  this site is serious about doing due diligence, when it comes to profiling.

There are a lot of options, although you can leave some unanswered during sign up.

4.  Zim classifieds

Zim classifieds has a dating and friends corner, you can find almost anything you are looking for on this site. The beauty of classified is that the sign up is almost non existent.

5. Chachaya

This became my favorite, as I didn’t need a dummy account to get to see the profiles of the users. Is that easy. Chachaya has more to offer as it actually has a testimonial tab.

I didn’t see any shona on Ndebele names on the testimonials, how disappointing!

Please watch the video above this post for more details.