Self proclaimed prophet Jay Israel says he is now a changed man despite all the bad things he is popularly known for.

Preaching during his Sunday online service, Jay said he is not perfect but he has changed his way of doing things.

“After everything that happened, I want you to know that when it comes to my mistakes they are not going to run away but I can publicly say to all the people who follow me I sincerely apologise”.

Jay Israel said God keeps calling him to minister despite having been a sinner because he died for sinners

“I looked at myself and I said, Lord, I’m not perfect, I’m a faulty man. I fall, I rise Why do you want to use me this much. And the Lord said to me, it’s not about the works. It’s not about what you think. But it’s about having a revelation of God”.

Jay Israel said he is now back to do the Lord’s work which is to expose fake prophets around the world.