Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Office Robbed Again

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Christ TV studio were yesterday robbed and 571 hard drives with sermons dating from 2013 went missing.

In a statement the church spokesperson said more than half of their confidential assets were stolen.

“These assets include 571 hard drives, with recording stretching as far back as 2013, these hard drives had prophecies made by Makandiwa of which most of them are yet to be fulfilled. Pastoral seminars and seminars videos of building projects, counselling sessions confidential stuff, not meant for the public”.

The matter has been reported to the police and investigations are underway.

Almost two years ago, Makandiwa was robbed again. Pastors of other churches connived with Christ TV workers to be given Makandiwa’s teachings before being published. The concerned Christ TV stuff, chose not to return for work and they haven’t been seen them since.

Some members of Christ TV are being questioned especially in this case where the stolen material was in lockers that are fully secured.

“We have since furnished the police with the information that we have and prophetic wisdom is also helping us as the prophet has given information on how the enemy tends to use such property against the ministry, despite what you perceive as prophets, you still cannot take the law into your own hands”, he said.

Following the unfortunate event Makandiwa will no longer be doing his online services.

“Under these circumstances, we regret to advise that we will not give our usual service this coming Sunday”.