Miss Shally regrets publicising her relationship with Hell Commander on social media

SOCIALITE and late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s former manager, Ms Shally real name Shaleen Nullens said that she regrets making her relationship with Simba Mbizvo popularly known as The Hell Commander public.

Speaking in a wide ranging interviews with Miss V Candy on instagram Miss Shally was never going to publicise her relationship on social media.
She said that she learnt the hard way.

Miss Shally also revealed that Simba did not show him his Hell Commander side up untill the break up.

She said:
“The Simba I know is different from the Hell Commander character.
“When I went public I started getting to know the Hell Commander.
“Simba personally is respectful to an extent that you won’t even think that he is capable of cheating.Simba and the Hell Commander are two different people.”
“Love can make intelligent women stupid, I didn’t even see the red flags.
She also said that publicising her relationship was a wrong move since their problems started soon after she got to know about Simba’s other character the Hell Commander.