Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) has dismissed allegations that it has been  withholding local music producer, Levels real name from Mbare’s Chillspot Records’ royalties for almost a decade saying Levels failed to comply with them and fill in required forms so that his royalties were to be released.

This development comes after Levels blasted ZIMURA on instagram for his royalties which were eroded by inflation before they were given to him.

Levels even pleaded for government’s intervention in addressing his concerns over the operations of ZIMURA.

In response ZIMURA issued out a statement addressing the issue.
The statement read:
“It has come to ZIMURA’s attention that Levels – Chillspot and the General Public may not be aware of ZIMURA operations and have misconceptions that for one to get their royalties for airplay, they have to be a member of The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association and that is incorrect.

“In our responses to Levels via Instagram we made it clear to him that all he has to do is to notify the organisation, in detail, all his works by filling out the Notification Forms and Split Sheets which define in detail the share splits with the artists he has worked with so that each artist gets what’s due to him.

“The reason why ZIMURA is withholding these royalties is because Levels has not cleared the splits above.”

After the statement was released Levels and the Chillspot family visited the Zimura office to resolve the issue.