In this video, Positive Africa YouTube channel reveals some interesting but strange facts about Gambia.

They vote using stones

During the elections Gambians smoked using a stone in a private booth, they are presented with holes in the ground marked with each candidate they drop the stone in the whole day choose. And just like that, they are done very eco friendly saves on paper.

Shocking Cure

In 2007, then Gambia is President shocked. Some people, when he announced that he had found the cure for A_IDS. His overall treatment consisted of applying the herbal paste to the body, and drinking herbal concoction consistently for 30 days, a un representative subsequently questioned his cure and was rather thrown out of the country for questioning.

Crocodiles have magic powers 

The people of Gambia believe that crocodiles have magic powers. For example, when a woman is in fertile, the Marabu or the sacred one sends her to a crocodile pond to wash herself in the water. After this is done according to them, she should be fertile.

The country is named after the river Gambia

The river stretches 700 miles from Northwestern Guinea, all the way to bhandal in the Gambia, before eventually spilling into the Atlantic Ocean. The river Gambia runs directly through the middle of the Gambia, and it’s the longest mangrove line tributaries that you can find much of the country’s wildlife.

57 miles of coastline

For such a tiny country. The Gambia has an impressive stretch of coastline. It’s these uncrowded sandy beaches and year round sunshine that make the Gambia so popular with Western holidaymakers in search of a sunkissed beach holiday.

The Gambia is a long strip of land that follows the course of the river Gambia and is situated on Africa’s West Coast bordered on either side by Senegal. It’s incredibly narrow measuring less than 30 miles wide at its widest. Although this small, the country is still one of the most densely populated countries in Africa.

Country renamed to avoid confusion with Zambia

Gambia, Zambia, one might get them confused. Right. Well, in 1964, the then president took measures to prevent persons from confusing Gambia, with Zambia. He added ‘the’ to Gambia, so that the country was now officially recognized as ‘the Gambia’ .

Please watch the video above this post for more details.