PROPHECY : Prominent Zimbabwean Pastor to pass away – Dr Ian Ndlovu

Dr Ian Ndlovu today issued a prophecy regarding the passing away of a prominent Pastor in Zimbabwe.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Dr Ndlovu said:

I saw in a vision in a vision. At midnight when I was praying. I saw in a vision.

There was a very big pastors collar. Many people were coming to that pastors collar and I could tell that it was in Zimbabwe because I could hear some people speaking Isindebele and others speaking Shona.

And so, and they were crying about a certain pastor, a church leader.

And then I was asking what has happened? And they said he has passed away.

 I don’t know whether his time has arrived for him to die, or it’s Satan who is planning to kill him.

We must pray.

There is a very prominent church leader, that is leading his own denomination, a man, as you can hear from my message. His life is threatened. His life is under threat.

And it is here in Zimbabwe.

It was a very big collar, maybe the diameter could be one metre, the diameter of this pastor’ s collar.

I’ve never seen a pastor’s collar, that big, because there’s no person with the neck which has got a diameter of one metre.

So it’s a sign about the influence that this church leader has within Christian denominations, so you must pray.

We must do what? We must do pray.

So, what I’m still finding out is, is it time or its the devil who is planning it against him.

But we, as Christians, we pray for human life to be preserved. Hallelujah. We don’t have anything against anyone.

Some people may have something against other people, but we don’t have anything against anyone. Hallelujah.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.