CONTROVERSIAL Zimbabwean socialite and businesswoman, Susan Mutami was not happy to announce that her expected twins look like their father Temba Mliswa.

She announced the news on twitter.

She wrote: I just got my 4D ultrasound done and got to see their faces clearly for the first time and it’s not looking good for me. The look exactly like Temba from the nose, cheeks, to the shape of the head I feel defeated already.Lord why??”
She got blasted by her fans after how her kids will look like.

Most of her fans were telling her to chill and resolve her issues with the Norton Member of Parliament privately.

She then responded saying:
“I am busy comforting myself with bites from Krispy Kreme. The minute I saw those two faces ndachema kuti mwari musandidaro ingawani ndinobatsira vamwe ndiri munhu ane rudo kubva mandipa face Temba pavana vangu.”