Drewmas Media visited the home of the late Jairosi Jiri band leader, Paul Matavire and what they found was shocking.

The house of the late music icon has lost its roof and is in a state of disrepair, while his elderly mother and sisters are living in poverty.

Matavire’s mother initially refused to talk to Drewmas Media before they paid her, but changed her mind after being convinced by Andrew Neshamba.

She Narrates how Matavire suddenly went blind when he was a baby, and said there were no signs of illness on him before he went totally blind.

She said Matavire was never taken to doctors, but was taken to traditional healers, who failed to find out what was wrong with him.

Matavire’s mother revealed that although he was blind, he could tell who was approaching him. She said he could even tell which cow was approaching even though he was blind.

On why Matavire spoke perfect English, she said he never went to any special school. He attended Musume Primary school before he was taken by Jairosi Jiri.

Matavire’s mother said she did not know how far he went with his education, but he was naturally intelligent and gifted.

She said Matavire had three children with a woman that he had married in Bulawayo, who passed away. He later married another woman, who was his wife at the time of his death, but he did not have children with her.

Arrest and imprisonment 

Matavire’s mother said the arrest of Matavire was devastating to the family as he used to take care of the family, supplying them with all their needs.

She said he was in. Jail for a short time of less than four months. However, she believes he was innocent as a blind person can not attack someone who can see.

Matavire’s mother said Paul died before he could complete building his house at her homestead when he had vicious hiccups.

However, she said his real home is in Matanda. She says he has a beautiful homestead there, which rivals any low density house.


Paul’s mother said he family was as follows:

– First born – Paul’s sister who lives in Hurungwe

– Second born -Paul

– Paul has two other brothers, one who lives with his father in Maranda.

Matavire ‘s Mother said she is taking care of over six ophans and is struggling to cope.

Half Sister

Lucia Chirimo – Paul Matavire’ s Half sister

Lucia Chirimo, a half sister, said she was assisted by the late Matavire to start her businesses. She said Matavire also employed her daughter, Philda Chrimo in his band.

Philda Mutasa – She performed in Matavire’s band

Appeal for Assistance 

She appealed for assistance in the form of cash and asked for help in getting the late Paul’ s royalties, which she said are being embezzled by other people.

Matavire’s grave

Matavire’s mother showed Drewmas Media his grave, which is exposed and is not protected from wild animals.

She asked well wishers to help with protecting the grace as wild animals are trampling over it.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.